Biwa Island Snowshoe Trek

Adventure by boat through icy water to Lake Nojiri’s Biwa Island and snowshoe to the top of the island to enjoy the serene beauty of Uga Shrine.

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Visit Uga Shrine on Biwa Island or just paddle around the lake with one of our SUPs (stand up paddle-boards) or kayaks.

SUP & Kayak: ¥1,000/hour

Rowboats: Free (¥500 from July ~ August)

Mountain Hotspring at Night

Combine your stay at Nojiri Lake Resort with an excursion to a secluded open-air hotspring (onsen) in the mountains under the stars. We will drive you up into the mountain, guide you along a walking path to the open-air hotspring where you can relax in natural hotspring water under a star-filled sky.


  • Transfer from Resort to hot spring and back again.
  • Local and experienced guide (bilingual in English and Japanese) to guide you from start to finish.
  • Towels and refreshments for drinking after getting into the hot spring.

Estimated Time Needed

2.5 hours.



Naena Falls Hike

Combine your stay at Nojiri Lake Resort with a hike to the beautiful Naena Falls. We will drive you to the falls and guide you all the way to the base of the falls, where you can relax as you watch and enjoy the natural beauty or even swim in the basin (depending on the time of year and swimming ability of the hiker). The hike begins on a casual walking path for about a kilometer and then where the walking path ends, depending on how far you want to go, we will guide you off-course over the bolder-strewn riverbed until we reach the basin beneath the falls.


  • Transfer from Resort to Naena Falls and back again.
  • Local and experienced guide (bilingual in English and Japanese) to guide you from start to finish.
  • Bottled tea for hydration and refreshment during the hike.

Estimated Time Needed

2 to 3 hours.


¥4,500 (1 person)
¥7,500 (2 to 5 people)

SUP/Kayak Excursion

Combine your stay at Nojiri Lake Resort with some fun boating on Lake Nojiri, with one of our SUPs or kayaks. We will outfit you with all of the equipment you need, help you learn how to use the boats (if you don't have the experience), and guide you across the lake (either to Biwa Island (beginners) or a quiet inlet (intermediate to advanced)) where you can enjoy the view of the lake, with the water at your feet, along with drinks and some snacks.


  • All boating equipment (kayak/canoe, paddles, life jackets).
  • Local and experienced guide (bilingual in English and Japanese) to guide you from start to finish.
  • Bottled tea and/or water to keep you hydrated and some snacks to enjoy when you reach the inlet.

Estimated Time Needed

3 hours.


¥4,500 (1 person)
¥7,500 (2 to 5 people)

Mt. Madarao Hike

Combine your stay at Nojiri Lake Resort with a casual hike up Mt. Madarao with a stunning view of Lake Nojiri from the summit. We will drive you to the hiking trail and guide you from start to finish. The hike up Mt. Madarao takes only about an hour and a half, making it a perfect casual excursion to liven up your stay at the Resort.


  • Transfer from Resort to Mt. Madarao hiking tail and back again.
  • Local and experienced guide (bilingual in English and Japanese) to guide you from start to finish.
  • Bottled tea and/or water to keep you hydrated and some snacks to reward yourself at the summit.

Estimated Time Needed

3 to 4.5 hours.


¥4,500 (1 person)
¥7,500 (2 to 5 people)


Pitch your own tent in Nojiri Lake Resort's Nature Park. 23,140㎡ of forest and open field overlooking Lake Nojiri.


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BBQ & Picnic

Have your own BBQ or picnic in Nojiri Lake Resort's Nature Park.

¥2,800 for up to 10 people.

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Enjoy stargazing in Nojiri Lake Resort's Nature Park.


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For those guests wanting to borrow a bicycle for a short ride up to the 7/11 or even a ride around the Lake, the Resort may be able to help you with our fleet of bicycles. Please ask at the front desk for times and availability.
The bicycles will require your checking the brakes, adjusting the seats, and maybe even putting air in the tires. They are not brand new, so any one borrowing them needs to understand that there may be some difficulties.
Those that borrow them understand the following:

  • The bicycles and any equipment related to them, will be replaced to the original location when finished using them.
  • Any damage to the bicycles will be the responsibility of the borrower.
  • The Resort can not be responsible for any damage or accidents when using the bicycles.


Nojiri Lake Resort is located right in the middle of various famous ski slopes. In almost every direction from the hotel there is a ski slope within 10 to 20 minutes by car. Last season the Resort was full of all sorts of interesting people during this season; beginner skiiers, professional skiiers, families with kids needing extra support for beginners, people just wanting to get into the snow, and on and on.

For those wanting to go skiing/snowboarding, the Resort can help you in the following ways:

  • Rental equipment: We can help you get the equipment you need for skiing and/or snowboarding. This equipment includes, skis, snowboards, boots and other related equipment, clothing; jackets, gloves, hats ect. View price chart.
  • Lift Tickets:
  • Every year ticket prices vary with special package deals. Ask us about them.
  • Each slope has its own price list, as about these as well.
  • Transportation to the slopes:
  • If you have your own vehicle then all you will need are directions. Ask us.
  • Those without vehicles need not to worry, the Resort has a “go and come” pick-up service. We will get you to the slopes and pick you up. And, many times this vehicles circles around and allows stops at the local 7/11 and/or restaurants for special request by individuals. There is a 500 yen fee/day for this, and it does require some advanced notice so staff can plan for it. (These “go and come” pick-ups are for the following slopes; Akakura, Ikenodaira, Suginohara, Kurohime, Tangram, Madarao. Also, the times fluctuate depending on road conditions and numbers of people at each location.)

PowderHounds is also a great resource for finding ski slopes in the area, with up-to-date information regarding snow conditions, difficulty level, directions, etc.


Nojiri Lake is quite well known for its sports fishing. There are various types of fish in the lake.

In the summer “Black Bass” is definitely the most sought after. There are other fish as well, in this season such as trout. There are two means for fishing these Bass, the first is to rent a boat, and the second is fishing from the side of the lake. Those people wishing to rent a boat will then need to decide what level of boat they want and/or will be allowed to rent. Boats that need licenses are the ones with motors, while boats that are paddled or peddled can be rented without a license. Rates for these depend on the Rental Fishing Boat companies that can be found all around the waterfront. Also, for those that don’t have equipment, this can be rented as well. Please ask at the front desk for which company is legally operated.

In the winter, “Wakasagi” is pretty much the only fishing excitement on the lake. This fish is fished in large heated boats that have troughs open into the lake water on both sides of the inner room of the boat. The person fishing will sit on a straw mat a good number of other participants, and extend their miniature fishing rod over the trough so that the bait may drop into the lake water. Wakasagi are known for being a delicacy in Japan, however, they are very small, so anyone looking for reeling in a gigantic catch may find this sport “different”. Also, the boats leave early in the morning from the various piers and don’t return until 3:30 in the afternoon, unless the boat owner has made special arrangements with you.


  • You MUST purchase a daily fishing license!
  • If you are out on a boat all day you may get sun-burned, be prepared.

Ask at the front desk for more information. Nojiri Lake Resort does not rent any fishing equipment but we do know where to go to get started.




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Tourist Spots

  • Naena Falls (20min, 11.6km)
  • Togakushi Shrine (30min, 20.8km)
  • Snow Monkey Park (45min, 40km)
  • Hokusai Museum (36min, 25.1km)


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