Meet the staff

Ted Skillman

Hotel Director, Chef, Room Cleaner, Front Desk Receptionist, etc.

Born and raised in Japan, Ted knows the ins and outs of Western and Japanese culture and enjoys running Nojiri Lake Resort for the opportunity it gives him of meeting and serving many different types of people.

Thomas Carrick

Pancake and French Toast Cooker (aka The Pankcake Man)

Thomas makes pancakes and french toast. If you ask him, he might make pancakes and french toast for you too.

David Satterwhite


Ask David about any drink and he will you give you its full description and history so that you can find the drink that’s right for you.

Stephen Benedict

IT support and vegetable supplier

Stephen manages the Resort’s website but most of the time he is out in his field where he grows organic vegetables, many of which are used for your breakfast meals.