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Conference Room Rental

The conference room, with its modern and classic design, is available for private use for various purposes.

How to book


​☑︎ Sofa (Wide type that can seat 11 people comfortably)
​☑︎ Low table ×4
☑︎ Hi table
☑︎ Wi-Fi
☑︎ Air-conditioner


Time rent
 : ¥3,000 / hour
Day rent
 : ¥30,000 / day
*Time for venue preparation, set-up, clean-up, etc. is also included in the rent time.
*Time will be added if the rental is maintained even when there are no users at the venue. 


TV Screen

Number : 1

¥1,000 / day


Number : 2

¥1,000 / day


Number : 1

¥1,000 / day


Number : 3

¥500 / day

How to make a reservation

Click on "Make a Reservation" and fill out the reservation form.
A representative will contact you after reviewing your information.

Please click here to make a reservation for hotel accommodations.


  • Please discuss the details of your use with the hotel prior to the date of use.

  • For exhibitions, sales, and other uses other than meeting rooms, please consult with us before applying for use. Permission may not be granted depending on the size or content of the event.

  • If the name of the hotel or a map of the hotel is to be used for publicity or announcements, etc., please use the information that you discussed with the hotel after obtaining permission for use. It is prohibited to include the hotel's telephone number. Handing out flyers or taking photographs in the common areas is prohibited.

  • Please take care of your valuables and other belongings under the control of the organizer. Please note that the hotel will not be responsible for any loss of valuables, etc.

  • Please refrain from making loud noises that may disturb other conference room users.

  • Please return desks, chairs, etc. to their original state after the conference.

  • The organizers will be responsible for setting up, cleaning up, and returning to the venue. Please note that our hotel staff will not be able to assist with these tasks.

  • If the room is excessively soiled after use, a separate cleaning fee may be charged.
    In the event of damage to or loss of buildings, equipment, or fixtures, you will be responsible for the actual cost of the damage and the total amount of lost income based on the usage fee.

  • As a general rule, please take your garbage home with you.
    There are no garbage cans in the building. Organizers are responsible for collecting and disposing of their own garbage.

  • Smoking is not permitted in the entire hotel or on the premises.

  • Please refrain from eating and drinking outside of designated areas.

  • In principle, bringing food and beverages into the hotel is prohibited.
    If you wish to bring food or beverages into the hotel, please consult with us in advance. 

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