Large Group Events

Overnight Conferences, Seminars, Private Gatherings, Company Trips

Nojiri Lake Resort is now taking reservations for group programs needing private facilities with economical costs. The “Resort” fits up to 46 people for overnight stays. Book the whole “Resort” and use the dining room for meetings, lobby for gatherings and deck/waterfront for private parties etc.

Food Services

All three meals each day can be prepared by our team here at the resort or your group can indulge in handling the cooking, if so desired.


Presently, if your group comes by car then there is very little for our team to help you with other than when your group may want to have some drinks and needs to have delivery and pick-up from local restaurants. However, if you are coming by train, we can work on programs for transporting your group in and around the area if needed. Or, we can help you rent cars. Lets us know your desires and we will help you figure them out.


Generally speaking, all large groups received a discounted room rate. The amount of the discounted rate depends on different factors such as; total number of people, use of the kitchen, use of the dining hall/lobby/water-front, and the deck. It depends on if you intend to rent the whole facility or partial, and/or whether you need private areas or simply can share with other guests at the hotel. Other factors would be transportation requirements, food services and any further options.

What do you need to do to get this started?

Put your thoughts down on paper, send us an email with your needs for the event. ( Make sure you have dates, numbers of people, numbers of rooms you want and anything else special to your program. We will then get back to you as fast as possible with some figures you can work with.

Look forward to hearing from you,

Nojiri Lake Resort