Immersion English Offsite Experience

A Program for enhancement of business workers' English-language & intercultural communication skills.


  • To offer an English-language immersion program that meets corporate needs for enhancement of English-speaking capabilities
  • To deliver such a program in the attractive natural surroundings of Nojiri-ko and the Myoko/Kurohime area, as a destination for off-site training within Japan, with minimum travel distance from Tokyo
  • To provide an “all-in” package including: accommodations, meals, local transportation, recreational activities, professional training content, & instructional materials in English
  • To create a “value-add” experience based on an opportunity to practice English, with optional units including: Diversity, Team- Building, Group-Dynamics, Intercultural, & Leadership Training.

Mission & Objective

  • That each individual participant will benefit from the opportunity to participate in an English-language environment, will raise their “comfort level” to be able to express themselves without hesitation, and will enjoy their experience, combining in-class with outdoor activities, in a memorable opportunity to raise confidence in their own ability to communicate in English.
  • That corporate sponsors will see improvements not only in their participants’ comfort level in English communication, but will see an impact on team-work, group dynamics, & improved group morale.

Instructional Leadership

  • Lee106 Holdings (with its affiliate firms Lee106 & Lee106 Academy) will provide qualified & experienced professionals as facilitators of all events, with native English-speaking instructors and trainers
  • Project Coordinator & Lead Facilitator will be Dr. David Satterwhite, former Exec. Director of Fulbright Japan, current adjunct faculty at Temple University Japan (TUJ) and Waseda University
  • Project Team Members include: Mr. Thomas Carrick, Managing Director of Lee106, & Mr. Ted Skillman, Managing Director of Lee106 Holdings, providing institutional & instructional support
  • Mr. Skillman taught for 14 yrs at the Gakushuin Peers School, was affiliated with the Ministry of Education’s Accredited Textbook Production for numerous years, & with NHK TV & Radio programs
  • Additional training & professional staff will serve as co-facilitators for components of the instructional & recreational program as needed.

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