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Our Activities

Nojiri Lake Resort offers a wide range of activities that can be enjoyed in the rich natural environment during both the green and winter seasons



Green Season

Winter Season

Individual Plan (個人プラン)

¥ 1,500 / person / h

Individual with Instructor Plan

¥ 1,500 / person / h
+ ¥ 3,000 / staff / h
*Max 3 persons / staff


Guided Tour Plan

¥ 3,000 / person (2h)
+ ¥ 6,000 / staff
*Max 10 persons / staff


Designed for beginners and children enjoy snowshoeing at the campground next to the hotel. 

Togakushi (戸隠)

¥ 8,000 / person (4h)

Visit Togakushi, one of the most famous power spots in Nagano. You can fully enjoy its charm.



Group Kayaking Trip




Easy Snowshoeing - 1hr

¥ 3,000 / person (1h)

Biwa Island (琵琶島)

¥ 5,500 / person (2h)

This program allows visitors to kayak to an island in the lake and play in the fresh snow.

【Notes on all plans】
*Follow the instructions of our staff and prepare / replace your life jackets, paddles, boards, etc. by yourself.
*Be responsible for any accidents on the lake.
*For those under 18 years old, must have one guardian or supervisor for every four or five persons.
*In case of damage to life jackets, paddles, padd
le equipment, etc., we will charge the customer for compensation.

Activity Application Form

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Bookings are dependent on availability of staff and local weather conditions. Please select the tour and contact us by email and will will advise you on availibility. 
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